Using Anki with Smartfm, and eventually with LingQ

Anki is a spaced repetition system (SRS). It helps you remember things by intelligently scheduling flashcards, so that you can learn a lot of information with a minimum amount of effort. Here’s an intro video:

The following was borrowed from

“Where do I get good sentences to use with Anki?” is the answer. It has over 10,000 sentences with a picture and a sound file. It also has it’s own online learning system.

Take a look at how to get the plugin for Anki here: tems.2Candgenerallists

Once you’ve downloaded it, instructions on how to use it are here

With the latest Anki release, you can also download using Anki’s built in plugin manager. The plugin provides full control over what card types are created.


I’ve been experimenting with Anki and my LingQs, but so far I can only import them one-by-one. I’m trying to find a way to mass import them into the program. Does anyone have any experience with Anki?

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