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Please forgive the capriciousness of my site while I make the transition to WordPress 🙂



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  1. Niamh
    May 27, 2011 @ 00:20:09

    I came across this site last week when I was looking for resources as I really want to try to have a good level of basic Mandarin by the end of the summer. I’m confused as to why you have changed the post; it was originally based on ChinesePod wasn’t it? I find Chinese Tools difficult to navigate, and it keeps asking me to download something any time I actually manage to find the audio lesson, when I just want to download the audio file. I wanted to follow the ChinesePod-based introduction to Mandarin, but it appears to have been taken down?
    Hoping you can help as I do really want to have a proper go at this.
    Niamh 🙂


  2. mandarinfromscratch
    May 27, 2011 @ 00:56:56

    Hi Niamh

    You can certainly use ChinesePod with the method I described in my post (I believe this is the post you’re referring to?):

    but unfortunately ChinesePod resources are no longer free to use for the first 7 days after you register, so you would have to pay to get access to the pinyin (transliterations) and the translations – it’s $14 a month just to get access to the lesson transcripts, and $29 dollars a month if you want the dialogue-only audios, which are essential for reviewing, as the lesson audios are 10-15 minutes long and have WAY TOO MUCH ENGLISH. Highway robbery!

    The reason I recommend Chinese-Tools is that it’s free and it introduces you to hundreds of the most common words in Mandarin, as well as providing you with the pinyin and the translations for each lesson. Start with lesson 4 here

    and follow the steps described in my “Learning Mandarin from Scratch 2” post at the top of the page.

    Otherwise I recommend you use CSLPod (, where all of the content is free, or ChineseClass101 (, where you can still sign up for free and download as much content as you want during the trial period. The method, however, is the same.

    Thanks for your post and for calling my attention to the Chinese-Tools link, I look forward to your response:)


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