Mandarin Resources

If you are just starting to learn Mandarin, I recommend reading these posts

One-month Intensive Introduction to Mandarin

One-week Super-Intensive Introduction to Mandarin (described at the end of the post)

My step-by-step method for getting the most out of your Mandarin lessons



These are the sites I am currently using to get audio from on a daily basis.

CSLPod – – Standard Mandarin Chinese – This site is my current favorite because all the resources are free to use, plus users provide translations of the dialogues in different languages

ChineseClass101 – – Standard Mandarin Chinese – This site is a great source for podcasts, and if you sign up for a free membership you can download as much content as you want during the trial period

ChinesePOD – – Standard Mandarin Chinese – Unlike ChineseClass101, you can no longer download unlimited content for free during the trial period on this site, but it is by far the site with the most audio, video and text content for learning Standard Mandarin Chinese

ChineseLearnOnline – – Taiwanese Mandarin – Takes some getting used to if your used to Standard Mandarin Chinese, but the concept of this site is great, in that every lesson builds on the previous one and they gradually speak to you more and more in Mandarin, eventually teaching Mandarin through Mandarin

LingQ – – Mostly Standard Mandarin Chinese – LingQ is a language-learning platform that “gets to know you” and keeps track of your language progress by providing you with thousands of free audios and texts and the ability to “LingQ” (save) words to your vocabulary and see these saved words highlighted in other lessons and contexts.


And this is a list of random resources (I don’t use these regularly but you may find them interestin) which you I posted in November of 2009 on my old blog on language learning, plus a few new ones I’ve added to the top:

An advanced podcast blog which seems to have some very interesting and original content. I think I’d be willing to spend the $2.00 to get the transcripts for this content

Good podcasts, but you have to pay for the transcripts as opposed to<wbr>lessons/elementary/chinese-<wbr>podcast/what-a-busy-day

Also has good podcasts, but site is entirely in Chinese, so if you can’t read characters (like me) then you have to use Google translate to interface with it. If you use Google Chrome then your browser automatically offers to translate the site you’re viewing.

2009 list<wbr>writing/chinese_links.htm



http://learn-chinese-free.<wbr><wbr>china-journey-1-learn-chinese.<wbr>html<wbr>learning.php<wbr>tools/newsinchinese<wbr>learn-chinese/index.htm<wbr>chinese2007/chinese/english/<wbr>lesson04/2-.html<wbr>CountryTV.asp?ID=45 chinese tv programs



http://www.chineseclass101.<wbr>com/<wbr>shawn-amos/better-start-<wbr>learning-chi_b_364858.html<wbr>v=zNoOdNvdZlg Learn chinese with yang yang<wbr>languagepages/chinese/learn-<wbr>chinese.htm

http://www.chinese-outpost.<wbr>com/language/<wbr>learnchinese.html<wbr>downloads.html chinese internet vocabulary<wbr>read-write/traditional/index.<wbr>php learn 4000 characters with animated character strokes<wbr>read-write/simplified/ great site for tv and radio links, fsi course etc




http://www.<wbr><wbr>chinese_podcast/<wbr>ccol/content.htm conversation

http://www.chinesefortravel.<wbr>com/<wbr>hl=en&client=safari&rls=en&q=<wbr>learn+chinese&start=50&sa=N <wbr> writing chinese characters, spaced repetition<wbr>CG/<wbr>processCategory=<wbr>searchInitFunWaysStory fun english/chinese stories<wbr>ActiveChinese<wbr>listening.cfm


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  5. Brandon
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 09:48:38

    This is quite the extensive list. I would like to also suggest adding a new free resource site / community for Chinese learners:
    Users can write blogs, share videos, photos & start discussions, all about learning Chinese. There are more than 250 pages uploaded by users already.


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